Here are some possible questions that we may anticipate through the submission period. If your question is not here, please forward any questions to info@cicba.ca and we will get back to you ASAP.

The entry deadline for primary submissions including Single Family, Semi-Detached, Multi-Family Home, Renovations, Commercial, Innovation, and Community type awards is Saturday, Jan. 7th, 2023 at midnight.

Secondary submissions will be accepted up to Monday, Jan. 23rd, 2023, at midnight.

Each category has a list of requirements. If something is not clear, please reach out to cube@cicba.ca.

The cost to enter any primary submission is $250.00.

The secondary submission fee is $125.00.

There is no entry fee for Community nominations.

From January 1st, 2022 to November 30th, 2022

Only valid members of CICBA may enter to any of the categories.

No, this contest is only open to trade professionals.

Yes, The CUBE awards are proprietary to CICBA and are no affiliated with any other competition

As this is our first year for any submissions, the committee has committed to receiving submissions for Single-Family as one category. The committee has no idea how many submissions will be entered. Therefore, the category will be evaluated based on dollar value and the number of submissions after the close of submissions. The intent is that the committee will NOT be awarding ‘acclamation’ awards to maintain a true ‘competition’ awards program. This attitude will be the same for all the categories listed.

  • For Single family, Semi-Detached and Multi-Family, use the builder method that does not include open to below square footage. The garage area is not included in this calculation.
  • Basement developments (below grade) are living areas only. Not including mechanical or storage areas.
  • Renovations can be the area of the effective renovation/addition.
  • In commercial projects use the methods outlined by the ‘BOMA’ criteria.

You are not required to submit professional photographs for your submission. The competition is based on function and design. Not a pretty picture. However, this is your opportunity to exemplify your company as your images may be published through the public media, on the CUBE/CICBA website, at the CUBE awards presentation. These may also be your advertising images for your own use.

As per the answer above with professional photographs, you are not obliged to stage your submissions. However, furniture arrangements will show the functionality of your project.

Please consider that the judges only have a limited amount of time to read each entry. Please refrain from using ‘fluff’ adjectives. Get to the point!

You will be able to edit your submission up to January 31st at midnight. Then the entry portal will be closed. Our advice is for you to write out your narrative in word or another text management program then copy/clip it into the submission platform when you are ready.

There is a difference between marketing type pictures that shows specific details versus competition pictures. Your photos should exemplify the overall function of your submission. They should show the overall spaces and how the design integrates with its surroundings.

No! The CUBE awards and CICBA are working to provide every member with a sense of inclusivity. A submission is a project created with a great deal of partners. These projects include the builders, developers, designers, fabricators, trade partners, suppliers, engineers, manufacturers and many more people.

Our submission requirements require a primary submission by any member for a project. That primary submission must be completed with images and narratives as well as authorization documentations.

Secondary submissions can be a builder or any of the other contributors to a project.

All submissions must be a confirmed CICBA members in good standing through to the presentation of the awards on May 7th, 2022.

Yes! Any member in good standing of the CICBA family is eligible to submit any project within the categories outlined.

No. Our membership includes trades and professionals who work across Alberta and within multiple municipalities of Greater Calgary and South Alberta.

To thoroughly support our membership, projects located in Southern Alberta qualify within the limits of this competition.

Generally, if you have changed a wall location or modified a wall within your project, you will require a building permit. Your plans and photos in your submission will show these changes. Contact your municipality to determine if your project required a permit. Provide documentation confirming exemption to that requirement in lieu of your final municipal inspection report.

Yes. CUBE committee cannot dictate limits to the use of images in social media and advertising platforms. The project will be evaluated within the merits of its submission. However, we ask that you remove any logos or identifying information from all images otherwise, the images will be removed from the submission, and this may affect your submission results

All images submitted to the competition are to be supported by authorization/release forms and become the property of CICBA and to be used at the discretion of the CUBE awards and CICBA.

If this is a problem, then the submission will be removed from competition.

No. Do not submit images that include any people, pets, or vehicles with license plates. These images will be removed from your submission.

All the submissions will be reviewed by the committee prior to judging for any inconsistencies. The committee will notify the submission contact to exchange the image within a period of time otherwise the image will be removed from the submission.

A primary submission is the submission made by a CICBA member in good standing. This submission will include all documentation and images involved in the project. The primary submission member will recommend potential secondary submissions.

A Secondary Submission is a submission to a Primary Award that has already been submitted as a Primary submission made by a CICBA member. The secondary submission can only be made by CICBA members. The secondary submission will only include information of the CICBA member as a contributor to the project.

Every CICBA member tagged to a project that wins will receive a CUBE Award.

All contributing CICBA member to a finalist nomination of a project will be recognized in any media publications relating to the CUBE Awards program.

You can submit a copy of the final inspection report that you have received. This document must be issued by the municipality and must state that the project is signed off as complete. The date of issue of this document must be within the timeline of the CUBE Awards Criteria.